Where Do You Want to Take Your Career - Your Life! - in 2017?

Which one is you? You want to...

  • Write a book (I've written three)
  • Make extra money with a side gig (I always had a side hustle when I worked full-time)
  • Start a blog (I've been writing the #1 cause marketing blog since 2004)
  • Unblock your writer's block (I've never had this problem. Let me show you why)
  • Get a job as a cause marketer (My biz for twenty years)
  • Start your own consulting business (I started mine in 2011)
  • Be regarded as a thought leader (People tell me I'm tops in my field)
  • Get a job in fundraising (I can help)
  • Launch your own podcast (I've recorded nearly 200 episodes on one show and will soon launch another)
  • Conquer your fear of public speaking (I taught public speaking at Penn State)
  • Get paid to speak (I've been paid speaker for 15 years)
  • Write for top publications like Fast Company and Huffington Post (I've also written for CMO, Hubspot and others)
  • Build a following on social media (I've built a following on Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Wow your audience with your next speech (I can bring out the best in you)
  • Start and grow your email newsletter list (It's been a top priority of mine for over a decade)
  • Transition from your regular job to freelancing (I'll show you how I did it - minus my mistakes)
  • Start something - or finish something - for once! (Try my strategy. It works!)
  • Learn to talk and swear like a real Bostonian! (I practice EVERY. DAY.)
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Whichever one you chose, you've probably been thinking about it for a loooooong time (okay, maybe not the last one :)). But you feel stuck. I know. I've been there. And I know exactly what you need.

You need someone to tell you exactly what to do next.

That's where I can help. Because if your goal is one of the bullets above, I'VE DONE IT. And I can help you do it too!

One of the things people told me in my survey over the summer was that they needed help identifying goals and reaching them. Some people just wanted to make a few extra bucks with the skills they've honed at their jobs. Others wanted to escape the cubicle life forever and become a full-time Causepreneur.

They all wanted the same thing: advice from someone they trust who's done exactly what they want to do.

My one-on-one coaching will give you the advice you need!


Here's How It Works

  1. Once a month, you and and I will have a 40 minute Skype call.
  2. The session will be recorded so that you can review it whenever you want.
  3. I'll give you one to three takeaways from the session to accomplish in the next month before our next call.
  4. I will follow up with you between coaching sessions to check on your progress.

The cost is just $200 per month. Or you can purchase 3 sessions up front and save $50. You can also cancel at anytime.

READ THIS: This program won't be right for everyone. But no worries, I got your back. First, if I can't help you I'll refund your money. Second, if I try to help you can and can't I'll refund your money. Finally, serious inquiries only! If you're thinking, "Wow, $200 a month is a lot!" you're not ready for coaching with me